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60s Indie Band Music at

If you don’t know the website, you should go there right after reading this post. This public service, non-profit website has been collecting and archiving digital texts, videos, audio, software and even entire websites that are long gone (the Wayback Machine). You can read their FAQ here.

During a recent search through, I came across a massive collection of (mostly) 45 rpm records of primarily forgotten indie bands from the 60’s. The collector who uploaded them also took the time to digitize the record covers, which often have very cool graphics).

I’ve collected about 10 of these tracks (along with the covers) and have created a playlist. But by no means settle for this sampling. Head over to the 1960’s audio page at and start discovering music for yourself! Almost all of the music is creative commons with attribution copyright, so you are free to download and share.

Thank you,! And now, here’s the mix:

  1. Decide The Willing MInd 2:30
  2. Ain't it hard The Electric Prunes 2:12
  3. What a girl can't do The Hangmen 2:25
  4. I found another girl The Dirt Merchants 2:30
  5. Cry your eyes out Bitter Sweets 2:51
  6. I get so disgusted Mystic 3:00
  7. Penny a tear drop The Dinks 2:16
  8. Now You See It, Now You Don't Inner Dialogue 2:58
  9. Naturally stoned The Avant-Garde 2:12
  10. Baby please come home The Inspirations 2:29
  11. Yesterday's hero The Satyrs 2:33
  12. I Just Wanna Be Your Friend Curt Boettcher 2:23

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