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Welcome to the personal webpage of Ricky Grove.

I work primarily as the managing editor at, a digital arts community, and during the day at a great used bookstore, the Iliad Bookshop, in North Hollywood, CA. I have a great love of reading and book collecting. I’m also deeply interested in cinema, animation and computer graphics.


For a decade I worked as a professional actor in Hollywood under the name “Richard Grove”. I acted in many television shows and feature films, the most famous film being Sam Raimi’s “Army of Darkness” where I played Duke Henry the Red (with great pleasure). You can see my complete credits at my Richard Grove entry at IMDB.

Army of Darkness -2
In the stocks as Henry the Red in Army of Darkness.

You can find out more about my work history at my linked-in page. I also have a Facebook page and a Twitter page. My day to day interests and observations can be found on my BLOG.

Please use the CONTACT form if you need to contact me directly.