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Rocky Patel Cigar Tour

I’ve always enjoyed a good cigar.

On special occasions I’d go to my local cigar shop and purchase a cigar I’d read about or that was recommended to me. Then after a big meal (usually Thanksgiving or Christmas), I’d go outside and smoke for an hour or so. The experience was always relaxing and enjoyable.

Since moving into my first house a few months ago, I have my own very large space in the garage. I’ve taken up smoking cigars more regularly. And I’ve also started reading about how cigars are made. I came across this fine documentary for one of the very great modern cigar makers: Rocky Patel. Originally a Hollywood lawyer, he quit and began learning the cigar business. That was way back in the 90’s, I believe. I admire someone who learns a business (and a tradition) from the bottom up. Now, he sells millions of cigars a year and has achieved some of the highest ratings for his cigars in Cigar Aficionado magazine.

If you want to learn how cigars are made and what goes into creating a nearly perfect cigar, this Rocky Patel documentary (narrated and hosted by Rocky himself) is the video you should watch.

PS I recently tried the Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 Connecticut cigar and it was brilliant!

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