Welcome to my website

If you’ve come looking for the actor Richard Grove you’ve found him. My name in real life is Ricky Grove. While working as a professional actor in Hollywood during the 1990′s, I used Richard Grove for television and film work. Since retiring from film work (well, mostly), I’ve gone back to using my real name. Most of my IMDB credits are for Richard Grove, but all of my recent VO work in animation and machinima is credited to Ricky Grove. 

At present (2014), I work doing voice overs for animation and machinima films. I’m also a bookseller and work at the best bookstore in Los Angeles: the Iliad Bookshop. I write technical articles/reviews for Renderosity.com in the computer graphics field. I also produce a virtual machinima festival called the Machinima Expo, now in it’s sixth year. I also have a book blog, Booklad, that features some of my reviews and essays on books, bookstores and reading. 

If you want to know more about me click on the “About Me page for a mini-bio. You can also follow my Blog (at Ghost.org) for news, reviews, articles and essays. If you’d like contact me, use the “Contact Me” form and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. I do accept requests for autographs, but you’ll have to send a self addressed stamped envelope to get one. Use the Iliad Bookshop address and I’ll get your request. 

I’m working on a photo gallery for my website which will feature some of my acting pictures and my photography. These pages, along with some of my machinima and animation work, will have their own pages in early 2014.

I have a Facebook page, a Google + page and a Flickr gallery which you can go to by simply clicking the links. A lot of my weekly news is found on these pages.

Thanks for coming by my website. I hope you find it interesting.


Ricky Grove (aka Richard Grove)